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Masala Movement

Platform For Transcultural Creativity

As a platform for transcultural creativity Masala Movement connects people and projects to break stereotypes, while shaping an inclusive society. We celebrate the diversity of our roots and identity with respect for the past and fresh perspectives for the future.

Breaking Barriers

We dismantle prejudices, push forward underrepresented voices and nurture outside the box approaches that benefit a future based on social equity.

Connecting Creativity

We facilitate interaction between creative spirits and create more visibility for their projects and offer an interdisciplinary platform for inspiration.

Celebrating Diversity

We create playgrounds, to celebrate culture and encourage exchange – on a local and global level, online and offline, inclusive and across generations.


Masala Movement is an initiative by the people, for the people. We are a non-profit organisation and made possible by the contribution of the community.

The word “masala”, which literally translates to ‘a mixture’, reflects our society today – a vibrant and colourful mix. From a post-migrant* perspective we are looking for ways to value the cultural influences that shape us, to interpret them in an individual way and thereby to inspire each other.

* Post-migrant designates a reality of life that is shaped by migration


Masala Movement e.V.
Clever Str. 1
50668 Köln

+49 (0) 221 301 423 90  


Abhilash Arackal
Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal
Pravini Baboeram
Pawas Gupta
Fazle Shairmahomed
Pooja Bangad