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26.06.2021 -
26.06.2021 - 26.06.2021
6:00 pm (DE) / 9:30 pm (IN)



The Internet can connect and divide, emancipate and polarise, causing both good and irreversible bad. It is contradictory, exponentially growing, cross-cultural and cross-local, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and platform that must always be considered critically.

In the form of an annual art and design event, INDERNET explores the parallels and interaction between digital and Indian inspired culture. Here, it is important to balance on the increasingly narrow level between inflation and innovation, commercialisation and self-realisation, technology and spirituality, nationality and identity.

We present works by creatives from all over the world, who use the Internet as both an instrument and a stage.

The three-day programme consists of short films, visual showcases, various panel talks and exclusive performances.

Daily from 6:00 pm (DE) / 9:30 pm (IN)

Thu 24.06. (online + at venue)
Short Films: »Mixed Realities« 
Panel Talk: »India Creative – Cultivating Change« (en)
Dance: »Bhairava« 
Music: Todh Teri   

Fri 25.06. (online)
Music: Shrii
Short Film: »Aapke Aa Jane Se«
Panel Talk: »For real? – Identität & Internet« (de)

Sat 26/06 (online + at venue)
Film / Event: »UMAD – Decolonising Rituals« (en)
Music: Hindol Deb & José Díaz de León
Closing: DJ Vineetha






Artists / Participants:

The selection of participants is an interdisciplinary mix of artists, designers and media makers from the fields of graphics, web, photography, film, performing arts and literature.

Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen (NL), Asavari Kumar (US), Asuf Ishaq (UK), Costanza Coletti (IT), Fazle Shairmahomed (NL), Hindol Deb (DE), Homegrown (IN), José Díaz de León (DE), Kevita Junior (NL), Kulture Shop (IN), Manik Chander (DE), Marlene Millar (CA), Marlon Penn (NL), Mitali Solanki (IN), Mithu Sanyal (DE), Nausheen Javed (IN), Nazrina Rodjan (NL), Philip Szporer (CA), Prasanna Oommen (DE), Pravini Baboeram (NL), Rhea Gupte (IN), Ritu Arya (IN), Rubaina Bhikhie (NL), Sajid Wajid Shaikh (NL), Shantala Shivalingappa (FR), Shiladitya Bora (IN), Shrii (IN), Sinthujan Varatharajah (DE), Tanja Busking (NL), Taskien Khudabux (NL), Todh Teri (DE), Ujjwal Agarwal (IN), Varun Desai (IN), Vineetha Panalickal (DE), Zuleika Sheik (NL)  

Artists curated by Kulture Shop (IN): Aniya Varghese, Kunal Anand, Mayur Mengle, Muhammed Sajid, Nakul Talgeri, Namrata Vansadia, Nayna Yadav, Prince Lunawara, Ranganath Krishnamani, Ravi Arora, Reshidev RK, Shantanu Suman, Varshini Ramakrishnan



Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal (Creative Direction)
Sepiedeh Fazlali (Programme Direction)
Kathrin Seifert (PR)
Aradhana Sharma (Social Media)
Ahjosh Elavumkal (Film / Streaming)
Pawas Gupta (Sound)
Vimal Kandoth (Web)

Masala Movement e.V.


INDERNET Contemporary Indian inspired culture
INDERNET Contemporary Indian inspired culture