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08.08.2019 by Manoj

Review INDERNET 2019


“For the second time, Manoj Kurian is curating the exhibition INDERNET as part of the Cologne India Week, whereby the term “exhibition” falls far short. At Kunsthaus Rhenania, a space is created that immediately captivates and involves the viewer without offering any choice at all.

Iconically, an oversized cobra made of recycled sari fabrics and bedspreads occupies the entire centre aisle of the room. Gracefully, it seems to watch over the entire exhibition space and at the same time invites the visitor to pause and rest on its long, soft body. As designer Clarissa Kannengießer created the centrepiece of the exhibition with the utmost care, the cobra is a work of art that exerts an almost magical attraction when viewed from a distance as well as up close.

The “Yoga Investigations Bureau” is run by the artist Costanza Coletti: she researches the origins of yoga and presents her findings in collage form. Her work moves at the interface between performance, installation and happening and invites visitors to participate. The knowledge of the crowd thus flows into the organically grown installation, which after seven exhibition days provides a differentiated overview and shows connections. What is remarkable is the critical view of the phenomenon of yoga, which on the one hand wants to appear very original and spiritual, but is nevertheless not immune to commercialisation and staging.

In addition to these two central works, a colourful mixture of different artworks can be seen that are connected to India in different ways. Graphic designers take traditional visual languages of India and adapt them to current issues such as the impact of digitalisation. Photographs show the examination of the textile industry, which has interacting consequences on a glocal level. Visitors are invited to interact at various points; for example, screen prints with exclusive motifs can be created. Other works involve the viewer without being asked: the augmented reality work by Vimal Kandoth puts a virtual mask of the traditional ritual theatre Theyyam on the viewer. A design market invites visitors to browse and underlines the progressive flair of the exhibition with carefully selected products. Around 500 visitors let themselves be carried away into a transcultural world and attended the many events such as meditation workshops, parties, supper club and presentations. – Helena de Anta

In Form einer mehrtägigen Ausstellung wurden interdisziplinäre Arbeiten von diversen indischen bzw. Indien inspirierten Kreativen präsentiert, die das Internet als Instrument und Bühne zugleich nutzen. Zusätzlich gab es einen Designmarkt und ein vielfältiges Programm, bestehend aus Workshops, Präsentationen und kulinarischen Specials.

Das Projekt INDERNET möchte die Parallelen und vor allem die Wechselwirkung zwischen digitaler und indischer Kultur erkunden. Hierbei gilt es, auf dem immer schmaler werdenden Grad zwischen Inflation und Innovation, Kommerzialisierung und Selbstverwirklichung, Technologie und Spiritualität, Nationalität und Identität zu balancieren.

Artists / participants
Abhilash Baddha / Ambrish / Ashwin Joharapurkar / Bhattchin / Blue Ben / Clarissa Kannengießer / Costanza Coletti / IKKIVI / Indian Goods Co. / Jonathan Haehn / Keshavara / Nargis Sheikh / Pawas Gupta / Post Natyam Collective / Prince Lunawara / Ranganath Krishnamani / Real Fake Faktory / Rhea Gupte / Sajid Wajid Shaikh / Shirin Johari / Smarter than a Waffle / Srishti Guptaroy / Sumeesh Chempoor / Tanya Eden / Todh Teri / Upendra Vaddadi / Vimal Kandoth / Vineetha

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln

28/06/2019 – 04/07/2019

Curation and realisation
Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal (Masala Movement e.V.)

Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Köln/Bonn e.V.

Stadt Köln Kulturamt, Kulture Shop, Indian Goods Co., IKKIVI, Alexandra Lenz, Dreigang, Todh Teri, Toddy Tapper, Wetec

Ahjosh Elavumkal (camera, post-production)
Kai Hattermann (camera)
Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal (art direction)
Todh Teri (music)

Jamaine Ganesh, Helena De Anta, Sebastian Deimann



„It was magical as last year! Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Best“ – Antigoni

„I am very happy to be here!“ – Catyario

„May the shows continue to bring happiness to many and spread cheer. Also this helps us Indians to assimilate better in Germany and the two cultures come closer.“ – Preeti

„Indernet shows the best and most interesting aspects of that indefinable culture of India.“ – Rahel

„I love Indernet!“ – Anonymous

„Great vibe!“ – Anonymous




INDERNET Contemporary Indian inspired culture
INDERNET Contemporary Indian inspired culture