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Freitag, 10:00

MM Podcast #45 mit Nikhita


The 45th edition of our monthly podcast hosted by Todh Teri:

Welcome to the 45th episode of the Masala Movement Podcast series,. This time we travel to the historic Edinburgh with our selector for this show Nikhita, a singer/songwriter who has a fondness for stacking harmonies and telling stories through music. Born to South Indian parents, she grew up surrounded by Indian music filled with delicate vocals and colourful scales and tales of every type of love, and heartbreak. Her culture paired with her soft spot for contemporary R&B/Soul encompasses her sound as an artist which you can experience in this mix.


01 Tara Lily – Last Flight Out
02 Xavier La Croix – die slow
03 Nikhil Beats, Monifé, Pritt – Something for You
04 Nikhita – Golden Child
05 Solange – Binz
06 Psweatpants, Nova – nouff and South
05 Carla Prata – Owner
06 Kapil Seshasayee – The Ballad of Bant Singh
07 Greentea Peng – Nah It Ain’t The Same
08 Canongate – Glad I’m Free
09 Connie Constance – Prim & Propa
10 M.I.A. – Paper Planes
11 Chong – Come Closer
12 Mungo’s Hi Fi, Eva Lazarus – Amsterdam
13 Joy Crookes – Poison
14 Queen of Harps – Situation
15 Raveena, Hope Tala – Floating


Masala Movement · Podcast 2023/09 | Nikhita | hosted by Todh Teri


Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri
Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri