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We like to share intercultural and transcultural notes from all over the world supporting positive interaction between different ethnics and society groups. Would you like to suggest something interesting? Please email us at [email protected]

20.04.2019 Blue Ben is online The world’s first sweater made of 100% beech wood fibre that is 100% traceable, soft as cashmere and requires 90% less water than a sweater made of cotton.
29.03.2019 India Gets Physical Vol.1 Finally India Gets Physical Vol.1 is out today.
23.03.2019 Ageing Immigrants‘ Food Interesting article about about the connection between food and happiness for ageing immigrants.
01.02.2019 Rückblick INDERNET 2018 Im Rahmen der 10. Kölner Indienwoche fand die erste INDERNET Ausstellung statt. In Form einer mehrtägigen Veranstaltung wurden über 60 interdisziplinäre Arbeiten von 34 indischen bzw. Indien inspirierten Kreativen präsentiert ...