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Donnerstag, 10:00

MM Podcast #33 mit Pooja B.


The 33rd edition of our monthly podcast hosted by Todh Teri:

Hello Namaste, and a very warm welcome to the 33rd episode of the Masala Movement Podcast series.This time we have invited our community support manager, DJ / producer / curator and activist Pooja B. She has been an active DJ for over 12 years now, playing gigs around the globe and now based out of her favourite city Berlin, which has been pivotal for her musical evolution. Normally she is exploring and playing more industrial and obscure sounds, rather on the heavier side, but for this podcast she has put together a very special collection of ambient, experimental and atmospheric tunes mainly by POC and LGBTQIA artists. So for the next one hour, enjoy this journey with Pooja B.


01 All the way – a Charles Bukowski Poem
02 Competing Voices – A Multitude of Everything
03 First Contact – Arjun Vagale
04 Satavan – Amotik
05 My People Have Deep Roots – Arushi Jain
06 Not This Door – Cecilia Tosh
07 Semilla- Allpa Puruma
08 Tom’s Döner – cadeu
09 Hanami Namyoho Renge Kyo – Satya Hinduja
10 Recordarte feat Antiflvx – Ana Gartner
11 Into the Realm – Alex Banks
12 Country – Eli Hermit
13 Armageddon im Weltall – Irina C
14 Kiss me Quick – Emeline
15 Spiraling – Alex Rapp


Masala Movement · Podcast 2022/09 | Pooja B | hosted by Todh Teri
Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri
Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri