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Freitag, 10:00

MM Podcast #31 mit Aneesha Kotwani


The 31st edition of our monthly podcast hosted by Todh Teri:

Welcome to the 31st episode of the Masala Movement Podcast series. For today’s show we have invited Aneesha Kotwani, curator, radio host and who also runs a music and culture initiative called WAVLNGTH in Mumbai which mainly looks into touring, content creation and artist management. She also has a radio residency at Worldwide FM and has previously held a residency with BBC Asian Network. She is definitely someone who is hard working and lives her passion for music which can be heard and experienced in the next hour.


01 Duduksa – Kalmi
02 Melancholy – Three Oscillators
03 Gratitude – Yung.Raj
04 Near the First Camp – Nahi Mitti
05 Still On Seen – Pearson
06 Skyline (produced by Kalmi) – Hanumankind
07 You’re fine – Dohnraj
08 Little Lie (feat. Pranay Parti) – KAVYA
09 Hum Kal Mein (feat. Umer Khan) – Janoobi Khargosh
10 I’m With Empty – Yushhh
11 Heist Track – MALFNKTION
12 In Love With It All – Khushi
13  Lockdown – Schlick
14 Seher (Radio Edit) – Suchi
15 Bees Find a … Cavesystem – Nahi Mitti
16 Piano Skank – Ahadadream
17 Pyar Kiya Toh Nibhana – Rainmann

Masala Movement · Podcast 2022/07 | Aneesha Kotwani | hosted by Todh Teri
Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri
Masala Movement Podcast Unser Music-Channel kuratiert von Todh Teri