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Project Wallflowers

Carrying colours into the world

Founded in 2013, Project Wallflowers is dedicated to the idea of empowerment and focusing on the concept of unfolding humans’ own resources and strengths into their environment. It offers a platform for self reflexion, discourse with the immediate milieu and the continuously progressing globalisation of our society.

This international long term driven „artivist“ project was created by chilean-german artist PAU Quintanajornet, who made it her task to establish worldwide a network of colourful art and community projects on extraordinary walls, locations and objects, to leave an impressive signal in public and urban space and to become a connection point and bridge for dialog.

By creating art in public spaces Wallflowers can witness different ways of communication with the locals, neighbours, passersby as well as dialogs and reactions on social media. It enables to discover and unveil fascinating stories, the dreams, hopes and desires of people, who live and work behind that particular interventions. The project pursues the goal of giving an impulse for a common togetherness, to design and visualise our social sphere positively. It cares about the power of community spirit, interdisciplinarity and colourful inspiration. Through working all over the world with organisations, local artists and culture centres, which believe in the power of exchange, the project is able to dive deeper in community complexities.

Pau Quintanajornet Painter
Pau Quintanajornet